My name is Madeleine. The reason why I started with CBD24 Plus is personal. I would like to share my story with you.

About a year ago it turned out that my sweet dog Mika had osteoarthritis. The vet gave us painkillers in kibble form and a long leaflet with possible side effects: for example, he could suffer from kidney problems. In the beginning Mika took the treats obediently, but at a certain point he didn't want to anymore. It became an impossible task to give him the painkillers. In addition, he lost his appetite due to the medication. I looked for an alternative on the internet. I came across a video of someone giving CBD to his dog. This dog could hardly walk anymore because of the arthrosis. But after he got CBD, he ran around happily and pain-free again. I was baffled. That CBD could. And that there are no unpleasant side effects!

I started looking for CBD oil. And… ended up in a jungle of CBD products. It was often unclear what exactly was in such a bottle. How high was the percentage of CBD? What are the other ingredients? Have aggressive chemicals been used in the production? Is it mass production? Who exactly is that producer and is he reliable and certified? Is there only CBD in the bottle or are the other beneficial substances from the hemp plant also processed? It turned out to be difficult to get clear answers to this. Annoying, because the prices are strong and you want value for money. 

Long story short: I made my choice and my CBD oil was delivered. The administration was easy: I dripped some oil on the mouse of my hand and Mika licked it up. I also applied the drops to his gums when he was comfortable on the couch. He thought it was fine! Most importantly, the CBD helped the pain well and Mika walked like a young dog again. I was happy with the result and also nice that there were no unpleasant side effects. 

About the same time, last December, I found myself feeling tense. This manifests itself in my jaw clamps, a restless head and headaches. All alarm bells went off, because two years earlier I had had a severe burnout. Fortunately I had recovered from that, but now that I felt tense again, the doctor gave me antidepressants. I was not sure if I should take this. I was apprehensive about the many side effects. Moreover, those pills are quite addictive. Don't get me wrong: I am certainly not against mainstream medicine. But before I took the antidepressants, I did look for alternatives. And again I came to CBD oil. I took a few drops from Mika's bottle. Immediately I felt my jaws relaxed. My head calmed down.

I was surprised at the positive effect of just a few drops of CBD. Yet I was not satisfied with the fact that I knew nothing about the origin and production method of this oil. Was there really what was promised in the bottle? The solution presented itself. On Facebook I saw a post from an acquaintance, an old neighbor I already knew as a little boy. He had set up a hemp farm in Switzerland and runs a sustainable, organic and small-scale family business there, high in the Alps. I wanted to order a bottle of oil from him. That looked good! I know who he is and how he works. I trust him.

When I first used his oil, it was really a very special experience. This oil is really next level. High quality, pure, organic CBD oil, made from the whole plant. Oil that - unlike many other hemp oils - contains the full arsenal of cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBDa, CBN, CBC and CBG. This grower opts for quality. It already starts with the careful selection of the seeds, they must be of high quality. He grows the plants with love and attention. No mass production, everything in-house. No chemical pesticides, but pure nature. Even pressing the oil is done by himself. The entire process is verifiable, certified and approved by the (very strict) Swiss government. Each bottle of oil can be traced back to a specific batch of hemp via the QR code. After all: every harvest has a slightly different taste or number of cannabinoids.

I was over. This is the oil for me. When the grower asked me if I wanted to put his oil on the market, I could only say yes. That's how CBD24 Plus was born. And I am very proud to share this beautiful product with you.